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Bombay 2 lounge
Rachel getting married
Indiana tears on my face
Francesca Schiavo
Jazzedelic Stoned Moment
Latin Aspects Estrangera
Casa Latina
Appassionante Wings
Black Bombay
Electro Blues feat. Limmo Angels
Sarita J. Prisoner of love
Dancing at the disco
Micy G. Stay
Chaomama El manamanito
Miami Fashon district
Jenny Lee turn back the clock
Batuca Timbalè
Quasar reaching up the sky
Charles Laster It's about love
Patrick Ferry Project Turn It Up
Blossom child Psycho
Miki sanderson Everyboby change
Latin Aspects Estrangera
Latins Aspects Estrela
Latin Aspects Nenem
Charles Laster
Positive Power
Blossom Child I pray
Anat without you
Miki Sanderson on the radio
Micky G. over the mpontains
Pat Ferry project turn it up
Micky G. do me right
Sarita J. to be with you
Electro blues feeling
Latin party summer
Nino Scarico musique
Gitana Talkin about revolution
Milano fashion 4
Anat I'll give you my heart
Da face feat Micky G. I don't wanna
Indiana together again
D'Ambrogio Mazzamauro Make u love me
Imdiana I wanna be loved
Lago di montagna
Cabine da spiaggia
Ruota panoramica
Bici in città
Alcune delle nostre produzioni sviluppate negli anni nello studio


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